Muc-Off and AirBell Bicycle Bells

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Stealth Tag

Muc-Off, a leader in bike and motorcycle care, has introduced a new tubeless tag holder, called the Stealth Tag. It fits inside the rim of a bicycle tire, making it very difficult to spot from the ground. A silicone and rubber mount protects the tag, while allowing air and sealant to flow freely.

It is compatible with numerous popular steerer tubes, including RockShox and Fox. Currently, the Stealth Tag can be purchased for around $13, making it a very affordable option for cyclists. The Stealth Tag has been tested by over 30 pros, as well as by more than a thousand satisfied customers. Its special design allows it to sit both inside and outside the steerer tube, preventing the Bluetooth signal from being degraded by vibrations.

It is not recommended for all bicycles, but for those with suspension forks, the Stealth Tag will fit. Some bikes may not fit, including ENVE cyclocross forks and rigid carbon models. There is also a saddle-mounted Stealth Tag, which uses saddle bolts to attach to the saddle.

The AirTag is an excellent bicycle theft deterrent. It works in conjunction with an iPhone to monitor where your bike has been stolen, and if stolen, the device will play a warning sound to alert you. This gives you more time to alert authorities and recover your bike. And since the system is so inexpensive, it is an ideal choice for cyclists.

Muc-Off AirTag holder

The Muc-Off AirTag holder for your bicycle is designed to help you track your bike from a far distance. This secure tag holder allows you to read the tags’ location from a distance and is perfect for tracking a bike’s theft. It works by attaching a small device to the bike, such as an Apple AirTag.

While the Muc-Off AirTag holder does not come with the AirTag itself, it does come with mounting bolts that fit under your bottle cage. The Muc-Off AirTag holder is also compatible with a variety of bike brands. It is available online for around $15.

Muc-Off has developed a new version of its AirTag holder. This holder is designed to fit into the rim of a mountain bike and is designed to conceal the Apple AirTag from thieves. The Muc-Off Stealth Tubeless AirTag holder is compatible with tubeless tires and has rubber grommets to protect the AirTag.

A few downsides to this AirTag holder for bicycle are that the signal is weak over a greater distance. While it works well for a distance of less than 17 feet, it loses signal after that distance. The AirTag holder is most effective in urban areas, but isn’t as effective in rural areas.

Apple’s AirBell

An AirBell bicycle bell is an easy-to-use, functional device for cyclists. Unlike traditional bicycle bells, it sounds only once and it emits an 85 decibel-loud sound. This volume is close to the volume of a bedside alarm clock. It also comes with an Air Tag, Apple’s coin-sized tracking device that can be used to track down a stolen bicycle.

Bike theft is a common problem around the world. In an effort to combat the problem, many anti-theft devices have emerged. However, few of them have been successful in preventing bikes from being stolen. Fortunately, the AirBell bicycle bell can help cyclists avoid theft, as it can easily be located through the Find My network.

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