AirTag Cases For Apple Tracking Devices

airtag case silicone

The AirTag case is a great way to protect your Apple device. The case slips easily inside the AirTag and keeps it secure from bumps and drops. It also has a handy clip that can be placed on a backpack. The silicone material is safe for your device and does not interfere with the signal.

Elago’s leather loop case

Elago’s leather loop AirTag case is a sturdy way to carry your AirTag. The silicone material is waterproof and features a durable aramid fiber shell for tough protection. It also comes with a keyring and carabiner for easy access. It is available for $35 on Etsy.

The leather loop is durable and attaches to the AirTag with a 3M adhesive. It adds about 2 millimeters to the AirTag. It is also lightweight and can double as a bottle opener. This accessory is compatible with all types of AirTag models.

The Leather Loop AirTag case is another popular option. It fits snugly on the keychain and features European leather construction. The leather loop secures the AirTag tightly to prevent it from falling out. The case comes with a 3M adhesive for added security and allows you to change the battery without taking it out.

If you don’t want to use a leather loop, you can also use a silicone one. These holders are sweat-proof, scratch-resistant, and washable. Elago offers a leather loop AirTag case in black and dark gray. You can even get glow-in-the-dark ones.

Besides being waterproof, Elago’s leather loop AirTag case also has a slot for Apple AirTags. It also features a silicone cover that keeps AirTags secure. This case will protect your AirTag from drops and scratches. It is also compatible with AirPods Pro.

Incase’s stick-on case

Incase is expanding its lineup of Apple accessories with new protective cases for Apple AirTag tracking devices and Apple AirPods 3. These cases are made of durable Woolenex fabric, which is woven from two different thicknesses of polyester fiber. As a result, they are lightweight, water repellant, and tear-resistant. They also feature a TPU snap closure. The silicone case fits snugly over the AirTag, and comes in a variety of colors.

Another way to attach an AirTag case is through a keychain. Some come with a keyring, while others include multiple carabiners. Some even have a combination lock. There are also string designs. These feature a loop that passes through a keychain, and the string tightens around a handle. Some cases also include an adhesive backing for a semi-permanent attachment.

Moment’s stretch fabric mount

With Moment’s Stretch Fabric Mount, you can stick your AirTag to just about any fabric surface. This includes camera bags, backpacks, purses, and jackets. It is especially versatile in that it can even attach to a shirt. The premium bonded powermesh material is durable and sticks to almost any fabric.

Moment also sells a Hardshell mount for AirTag cases. It allows you to stick your AirTag case to any flat surface and is made of aramid fiber, which is durable and lightweight. It is also lined with shock-absorbing foam to prevent rattling. It is the ideal option for sticking your AirTag case to expensive camera equipment or to a car dashboard or a bike seat.

If you don’t want to risk losing your AirTag in your pocket or purse, you can also purchase Moment’s Stretch Fabric Mount. It has a soft powermesh material and is affixed to virtually any fabric. Its double-hemmed edges prevent slipping and will hold it securely. The stretch fabric mount can be removed easily when you need to use it, so you can quickly take it along for the ride.

Another versatile mount for AirTags is Moment’s Curved Surface Mount. Made of silicone, this mounting option adheres to a variety of surfaces, including curved surfaces. It can also be used to mount flashlights and smartwatches. It has a watertight adhesive for a more secure fit.

For less money, Cyrill’s Leather Key Ring offers the same chic look at a lower price. It is available in classic black and gold color schemes or in an all-silver color scheme. It also features a glow in the center to indicate the location of AirTag.

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