Keep Track of Your Pet With an AirTag Collar

airtag collarOne of the most convenient ways to keep track of your pet is with an AirTag collar. AirTag collars are small and easy to attach to most pet collars, making them an ideal option for keeping track of your pet. And because they are wireless, you can easily communicate with your pet no matter where they are.

Cloud Silicone

The Cloud Silicone airtag collar is an innovative collar that enables the use of an Apple AirTag to track your pet’s location. The collar is made from eco-friendly, weather-proof silicone and is easy to clean. It is available in multiple colors. Besides the collar, the Cloud Silicone case protects your AirTag from damage.

The Cloud Silicone AirTag collar can be used with or without a keychain. You can also attach the collar to your golf bag, luggage, or any other place you may want to place it. The collar comes in four different colors and comes with a two-piece soft silicone case to protect the tags from bumps. The tags will not disturb your pet, and they are not ingested.


The SaharaCase AirTag Collar is designed to be compatible with Apple’s AirTag device. It is made from triple-hardened silicone, a material that resists yellowing and stretching. It offers a secure, comfortable fit for large breeds with 16 to 20-inch necks.

The SaharaCase Dog Collar is a silicone collar with a custom silicone case that perfectly fits the AirTag. The silicone material is durable and resists yellowing and stretching, making it a good fit for large breeds. It is available in white or black colorways.

The case is designed to protect the AirTag device from scratches and other damage. It comes with stainless steel or zinc alloy carabiners and a keyring for attaching it to your dog’s collar. The keychain allows you to track the time in real time, and the case also protects the AirTag device.


Nomad has a great variety of AirTag dog collars to choose from. These collars can be used with a standard AirTag, or a custom AirTag can be purchased for a customized look. The collar features a secure compartment for the AirTag and a durable loop and buckling system. A variety of colors is available, too.

Leather Loop: If you’re worried about your dog getting a collar on the go, the Leather Loop can help. The leather loop is made of thin leather wrapped around a stainless steel key ring. The leather is made of Horween leather, which is durable and should develop a beautiful patina over time.

Nomad AirTag Keychain: The Rugged AirTag Keychain is a great accessory to add to your dog’s collar. The leather is durable and water-resistant. It clips onto an existing collar, so it doesn’t detract from the design of your dog’s collar. It’s also customizable so you can add your dog’s name to the holder for a customized look.

Rugged Pet ID Tag: The Nomad Rugged Pet ID Tag features a rugged, waterproof enclosure. The tag has an IP67 waterproof rating and a speaker hole for communication. The pet ID tag also features a stainless steel insert with a removable stainless steel cover. You can customize the housing with your pet’s name or a phone number. The tag is waterproof, which means it can withstand immersion in one meter of water for 30 minutes without damage.

The Nomad AirTag is available in black and white colors. It is waterproof and dust-resistant. It can be used outdoors and is also compatible with a variety of outdoor activities. For an extra-special touch, you can personalize the tags with engravings. The collar is compatible with Bluetooth and NFC technology.

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