The AirTag is No Longer Available at Costco

airtag costco

The AirTag is currently unavailable for purchase at Costco. The company has temporarily pulled its product page from its website. Previously, the company offered the AirTag for a low price of $4.99 for a pack of four, along with Costco insurance coverage. However, the website has since taken the page down.

AirTags are available at Walmart

AirTags are Bluetooth trackers for mobile devices. They work in a range of up to 100 meters. Although Apple has not provided exact range measurements, it’s safe to assume the tag will track mobile devices to at least that distance. The device also features an IP67 water and dust-resistant rating. This means it can withstand submersion in water up to one meter for 30 minutes under laboratory conditions. In addition, it can withstand liquid exposure in the form of rain. It’s also easy to set up, requiring only a simple gesture. Once set up, you can customize the tag with a name and description.

The device uses a replaceable CR2032 battery. The battery will last about a year. To change the battery, simply twist or press the back panel. The device will then provide a notification alerting you that the battery needs to be replaced. There’s also an option to turn off notifications on AirTags for a day or the Family Sharing group.

Apple is also working on new safety features for AirTags. The new alerts are easier to locate and will play a louder sound if the tag is separated from its owner. The company says this will help keep AirTags safer from snoopers. If you’re worried about your privacy, AirTags can be a great solution.

Guitar Center

AirTags are available at several retail locations including the popular tech store Best Buy. They are kept in the Apple section of the store, so you may need to ask an associate to help you find one. They are also available at Guitar Center, a musical instrument retailer that has recently branched out into technology.


Apple’s AirTag was a popular item when it was released and has since become widely available. Since its integration into Apple’s Find My app, the AirTag has become a favorite of Apple users. Earlier this year, Costco carried AirTags in select stores, but the company has since taken the product off the store’s website.

Electronics stores

If you are searching for a new smartphone, it may be worth checking out stores like Costco. It is one of the largest retailers in the U.S. and carries a huge selection of electronics. Although the AirTag is not available online, you can find it in many local Costco stores.


The AirTag has been discontinued from the Costco Online website. The online retailer had previously carried the Apple AirTag and offered a special price on a pack of four for $49.99. In addition, the AirTag came with free insurance coverage when purchased through Costco’s website. Since then, however, the product page has been removed.

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