AirTag Engraving Ideas

There are several ways to personalize an AirTag. You can choose from Emojis, Animal faces, Lucky numbers and names. There are also some limitations. If the message does not fit on the tag, the message will be underlined in red color. This means that the message is not suitable. For this reason, you might choose a more abstract message.


One of the best ways to personalize an AirTag is to include emojis. You can choose from over a thousand emojis. Some are banned because of their derogatory or offensive nature. But there are also other options. For example, you can put a horse next to ‘happy poop’ if the recipient loves horses. You can also include the letters 69 and 420. You can also add a poop emoji to make your AirTag more unique.

If you are worried about Apple’s stance on emojis, there are a few things you should know. While Apple is open to personalizing the AirTag, you should avoid combinations that may offend your recipient. For example, you may not want to use a horse and cow emoji together. In addition, you may not want to use a unicorn emoji on your AirTag, since it is considered offensive.

The most popular emoji for AirTag engraving is a smiley emoji. Emojis will never go out of style. They are always a fun way to personalize your AirTag. Moreover, you can use multiple smiley emojis on one AirTag. Another option is to add a name. You can fit up to six characters on your AirTag.

Another great way to personalize your AirTag is to engrave it. This can be done for free using the Apple Store app or the Apple website. The Apple website and Apple Store app let you type the text you want to include and choose emojis that will make your AirTag unique. The service also offers a mock-up so you can make sure your message will fit on your AirTag.

You can also get engraved quotes. You can use these quotes as an anniversary present or birthday gift. However, you should avoid using quotes that are too specific. Such quotes will become dated fairly quickly, so it is better to go with something more universal. Emojis are also a fun way to personalize your AirTag. Just make sure that you choose something that you will be proud of and that will make the recipient smile every time they look at it.


AirTags can be engraved with a variety of different words or emojis. The most common is the smiley emoji, which never goes out of style and will always bring joy to the wearer. The font used for this type of engraving can be as short as 6 characters. For names, you’ll want to use a short name, since it will fit nicely on the airtag.

Apple does not allow any offensive words on AirTags. You can use up to four-letter words, but it’s best to avoid using emojis that may be interpreted as offensive. As an example, a combination of a horse emoji and a cow emoji is not acceptable. However, an emoji of unicorn excrement is acceptable. Similarly, it’s best to avoid using emojis containing curse words.

Another popular way to customize an AirTag is to add its name. This way, you can distinguish the AirTags you own from each other. You can also put a special message or emoji on them for fun and identification. You can even have a treasure hunt for AirTags!

Lucky numbers

Lucky numbers are a great way to commemorate special events. The engravings can be done on an iPad or AirTag. The size of an AirTag prevents the use of very long characters. However, an iPad engraving can be much longer. Width filtering rarely applies to an AirTag, but sometimes it does apply if the characters are very wide.

Lucky numbers come in pairs or fours. A lucky AirTag can have the name and birthday of the owner engraved on it. It can be used as a dream board to keep one motivated, especially when the person is pursuing a goal. Engraving a goal or proud moment is another way to inspire the user to continue working towards achieving their goals.

If you are considering an AirTag engraving, it is best to be sure that the word you want to engrave is not offensive. Apple wants you to have a personalized AirTag and does not want you to incorporate emoji or other offensive elements into your text. For example, you may want to avoid combining a cow and a horse emoji, which would be offensive to many people.

If you’re looking for an AirTag engraving, there are many choices available. Emojis can be used as well, such as a heart, a word, or an emoji. You can even add a date when you purchase the AirTag. However, if you’re looking for a unique way to customize your AirTag, you can use an online personalization tool.

Animal faces

For the animal lovers among us, there are lots of animal faces to choose from. They can be used to make unique personalised items for AirTags. These Bluetooth item trackers are similar to a smartphone but have some limitations. For instance, you can’t combine a horse and poop emoji, but it’s OK to use a fictional animal’s excrement (such as a unicorn shit), or you can use any word that’s related to the animal.

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