Protect Your AirTag With a Waterproof Case

airtag waterproof case

AirTags do not come with a waterproof case

Despite their durability, AirTags do not come with a case to protect them from water. Though they can handle multiple drops without any damage, Apple’s official documentation warns that splash and dust resistance isn’t permanent and may reduce over time due to normal wear. For this reason, it’s a good idea to get a waterproof case to protect your AirTag.

Waterproof cases aren’t necessary for everyday use, since most users won’t submerge their AirTags in water deeper than a meter for more than thirty minutes. The IP67 rating provides adequate protection against water ingress, but you may want to consider buying one if you plan to immerse your AirTag in a puddle or a swimming pool.

The AirTag is waterproof when attached to an item like a keyring or a carabiner. You can also purchase waterproof cases for straps and collars. Some of them even have a beeping function to alert you if your bag gets submerged.

Waterproof cases are not necessary for Apple AirTags, but some people do find them useful for a number of situations. Waterproof cases are especially handy when you’re outdoors. You can even attach them to dog collars. A waterproof case can also help you find your AirTag if it is misplaced.

The AirTag pocket case is a convenient solution for your AirTag. The design is simple with an opening at the top for easy access. You can find this case in seven colors on Amazon and is waterproof in most circumstances. A pocket case can also be an ideal accessory for displaying your AirTag. The durable TPU material used to make the case makes it dust-resistant.


If you are in the market for an AirTag waterproof case, you can choose from a wide range of options. These cases are designed to protect your gadget from water, dust, and shock. They also feature silicone construction for eco-friendliness. One of the more popular AirTag cases is the Caseology Vault, which comes with a sleek and textured finish. The case is also made of a rigid TPU material for maximum durability. Another great feature is the attached carabiner that keeps your device secure and safe.

The AirTag waterproof case is available in a variety of colors, so you can pick one to match your smartphone. For travelers who want something more practical and durable, the AirTag Pocket is another good option. Its minimalist design is ideal for everyday use. It has a small opening to hold a bottle or other small accessories.

Another good alternative to an AirTag waterproof case is the Tile Slim. It comes with a three-year non-replaceable battery and an IP67 water-resistance rating. It also works with the Tile app, which lets you check the location of your lost items. If you lose your phone or iPhone, you can track it anywhere with the app.

Other options to an AirTag waterproof case include a generic silicone protection case. The latter features a built-in camera and comes with a hole for easy carrying. This type of case is perfect for everyday use, and also protects your AirTag from scratches, nicks, and other everyday damage.


The AirTag waterproof case can add an extra layer of protection to your AirTag. Built from a tough aramid fiber shell, backed by a super strong adhesive, this case is watertight. It also has a magnetic closure and RFID blocking technology. Case-Mate offers two different waterproof cases, both of which have cork leather slots. This material is 100% vegan and resistant to water and crush.

Apple has also developed a waterproof case for the AirTag. This case is the first to feature 360-degree protection. It’s ultra-durable and has stainless steel hardware. It’ll begin shipping in the first week of June. This case can protect your AirTag from rain, dust, or even drops.


The AirTag waterproof case comes in a variety of colors, making it a great option for people who love to show off their AirTags. Made of flexible TPU material, the case is waterproof and able to hold its shape without cracking. It is also dust-resistant and washable.

It has a variety of attachment options, including a keychain or a ring, a carabiner, and a combination lock. Many models also feature a loop that passes through a keychain or handle and pulls tightly on the handle without knotting. AirTag cases can also be removable or come with an adhesive for a semi-permanent attachment.

Waterproof cases are a great way to protect your AirTag, while protecting it from dust and other hazards. Some cases can be slim and space-saving, while others feature a textured finish. Some AirTag cases are made from silicone, which is eco-friendly and shockproof. Caseology Vault is one of the most popular AirTag cases, thanks to its sleek design and textured finish. This case also comes with a built-in carabiner, so it will never get lost.

The cost of AirTag cases varies. Some cost as low as $20, while others can be more expensive. Prices depend on the style and features of the case. Some cases charge extra for a stylish look, while others are designed to be functional. Waterproofing your AirTag may be an important consideration if you use your AirTag for travel or outdoor activities.

Another option is the Nomad Leather Loop case, which encases your AirTag in a beautiful Horween leather case. These cases are waterproof and have a carabiner for clipping onto a keychain or luggage tag. Caseology Vault is also waterproof and has a 4.5 star rating on Amazon.

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