AirTag Waterproof Case

airtag waterproof

When buying an AirTag, it’s important to find one that is waterproof. While the device itself is water-resistant, there are a few other things you should look for. These include the case’s transparency and the maximum depth you can submerge the device in. The AirTag is waterproof to a limited extent, so be sure to keep it out of water when not in use.


The Apple AirTag is water-resistant and made to withstand water and the elements. It has a rating of IP68, which means that it can withstand splashes and prolonged immersion in water. The official documentation states that this resistance is not permanent, and can diminish with normal wear and tear.

The device is not waterproof, but the AirTag is splash-, water and dust-resistant. It is tested under controlled laboratory conditions and was rated IP67 under IEC standard 60529. However, the water and dust-resistance of the AirTag can decrease over time due to normal wear. This is why users are advised to be careful when using the tracking device.

To protect your AirTag from these conditions, you can purchase a waterproof case. It costs just a few dollars, but you will get excellent protection. The case comes with keys that are easy to use and don’t interfere with the functionality of the device. It also prevents muffled sounds when searching for your item and is made of flexible silicone.

Water-resistant AirTags are designed to survive 30 minutes underwater. However, they can be damaged if they are submerged for more than 30 minutes. However, this water-resistance can wear off over time, and Apple does not cover water damage. Therefore, if you’re using your AirTag in a water-resistant environment, consider purchasing an IP67-rated case.

The waterproof AirTag from Apple is designed to withstand rain and other harsh conditions. In addition, it can survive one meter of water pressure for half an hour. These features are important because it can help you find your lost bag while swimming. This feature of the AirTag also makes it more useful if you’re working around water.

In case your AirTag does get wet, you’ll need to wipe it dry immediately. After that, make sure to keep it still as you do not want to move it around too much. Remember that even if the device is waterproof, you’ll still need to take it out of the water before reassembling it.

The AirTag is made to withstand water pressure up to a meter. If you accidentally drop your AirTag, you may want to invest in a waterproof case to keep it safe. These protective cases are available in stores, and can be used to protect your AirTag from everyday abuse. The protective cover also comes with a hole for easy carrying.

Transparent case

The AirTag waterproof transparent case is made of durable TPU material. It features a dual-piece design and protects your device from damage on the go. It is easy to carry and store and comes with a handy carabiner. The case also has an anti-yellowing formula. It allows you to enjoy the original Apple design while protecting your gadget from the elements.

IPX8-rated, this water-resistant case is washable and comes with a key chain for easy carrying. Its special coating provides full protection from water and sweat. This case is also compact, with a key chain and a removable key, making it easy to carry and keep safe. It also has an open design, so you can see your personalized engravings without being obstructed by the case’s cover.

Maximum depth of submersion

AirTag is water, dust and splash resistant according to IP67 standard. This means that the device can withstand a maximum depth of one meter for 30 minutes. However, it is important to note that the resistance to water, dust and splashes is not permanent and may decrease with normal use. Therefore, it is important to follow the cleaning and drying instructions provided in the Safety and Handling documentation to maintain its resistance.

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