Apple AirTag for Cats Review

apple airtag for cats

The Apple AirTag for Cats is a wireless collar that lets you track your cat from a distance. One of the downsides of this collar is its small range and poor battery life. However, it has many benefits that make it worth the price. Read on to learn more about this product. Weigh the benefits against its drawbacks and decide if it’s the right fit for your cat.

AirTag’s battery life

Apple’s AirTag for cats is one of the most popular pet tracking devices on the market today. It uses a CR2032 coin cell battery that can last up to a year. The battery is easy to replace, and the device notifies you when the battery is running low. It also features a ping feature to help you locate lost pets.

While it is convenient to use an Apple AirTag to keep track of personal items, it isn’t a great idea to use the gadget to keep track of your pet. While it’s an affordable option, the battery life can be very short. If you leave the device on your cat for too long, you’ll likely have to replace it more often.

If your cat goes missing, you can still use the AirTag’s nightlight feature to find them. It also records voice commands, so you can communicate with your cat from any location. The battery life on the AirTag ranges from eight to sixteen hours, and it can be recharged through a portable charging station.

The AirTag has a long battery life. Apple does not specify how far its Bluetooth signal can reach, but the company says that a distance of 800 feet is sufficient. The AirTag for cats uses a circular CR2032 battery, which can be purchased at Amazon. To replace the battery, you simply need to clean and polish the metal side of the AirTag and twist the battery out.

Its small range

The Apple AirTag for cats is a pet tracking device that can be attached to your cat’s collar. The device works by pinging the location of nearby Apple devices on the Find My network. It can help you find your lost cat, but the range of the AirTag is small. This means that if your cat is lost in a busy area or close to a building, it is unlikely that you’ll ever find them.

The AirTag is powered by a small, replaceable battery and works with iOS devices. It also has Bluetooth and Apple’s U1 chip, which allows it to communicate with other devices within its small range. Although it has a limited range, it’s still a handy tool for cat owners.

The AirTag for cats is designed to be small enough to be hidden without being noticed. Its small size and sleek design means it will fit easily in a pocket. Unlike the Tractive GPS trackers, the Apple AirTag isn’t made to handle the rigors of a four-legged adventure.

Its availability

If you’ve been wondering where your kitty is, consider an Apple AirTag for cats. This device tracks your cat’s location by pinging other Bluetooth devices in the vicinity. You’ll get periodic updates, like, “kitty was last seen in X area 10 minutes ago,” if your kitty is in a populated area. However, if your pet is roaming in the wild, you may not get periodic updates.

The AirTag works with your cat or dog’s collar. This can help you find your cat or dog when you’re not home. It also emits a chirp to let you know it’s time to take your pet inside. The collar is made of soft silicone material, which is sweat-proof, scratch-resistant, and washable. It’s also lightweight, weighing only 43 grams.

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