Dyson airwrap heads

The New Dyson Airwrap

dyson airwrap heads

The Coanda effect creates a swirling vortex of air, which sweeps up hair held on the barrel. This action automatically wraps the hair around the barrel. This feature makes it easier to style long or thick hair. It also reduces the risk of damage to the hair. Moreover, it’s eco-friendly.

Coanda effect

The Dyson Airwrap includes new attachment heads that use the Coanda effect to smooth hair. These smoothing brushes work by attracting hair to the surface and directing air along it, mimicking the blow-drying technique of stylists. You can use the Coanda smoothing dryer on both large and small strands, depending on your needs.

The Coanda effect is a physics concept that describes the way that a fluid jet clings to a convex surface. The Dyson Airwrap uses this effect to create a cylindrical flow of warm air that attracts hair and changes its shape, which reduces heat damage to the hair. The device has multiple attachments to accommodate different hair types, which gives you more options to achieve the desired look.

The Coanda effect is a technology developed by Dyson engineers. This unique technology helps minimize hair damage and uses less heat to achieve a sleek, glossy finish. This new technology helps you create a more beautiful style in less time. And, it’s available in four colors to fit your style.

Unlike its predecessor, the Dyson Airwrap is fully customizable, which is a great feature for those who don’t want to spend hours on their hair. Its sleek design and Coanda effect make it a great choice for all types of hair and provides fast and efficient styling without the extreme heat that can make hair dry.

Controlled heat

The Airwrap heads on Dyson hair dryers have a controllable temperature and Coanda effect, which helps to create voluminous curls. The Dyson Airwrap uses a powerful digital motor that spins up to 110,000 times per minute. A clever system allows the heat on the head to be controlled and the unit works to keep the temperature of the hair beneath 302 degrees.

The controlled heat on the Dyson airwrap heads allows the hair dryer to straighten, curl, and dry the hair without excessive heat. The Airwrap features three temperature settings and three airflow speed settings, as well as negative ions that reduce static. It also comes with a cool shot button so you can use the dryer to cool down after applying heat to the hair.

The Airwrap heads can be purchased separately or with the Multi-Styler. There are different models for short, shoulder-length, long, and curly hair. Some styles are currently out of stock. Alternatively, you can purchase the complete set of Dyson Airwrap heads for a discounted price.

The Airwrap is a great way to copy a professional blowout at home, and it will save you a ton of money in salon blowouts. The styling attachments on the Dyson Airwrap can be used to add volume, shape, and shine to hair. The Dyson Airwrap is a multipurpose styling tool that’s easy to use and comes with a compact storage case for convenience.

Negative ions

The Dyson Airwrap is a high-efficiency air purifier that uses negative ions in its air-cleaning head. The negative ions are produced by a negative ion generator, which presumably helps prevent static buildup in electronics. The airwrap has an exhaust grill made from metal, a negative ion electrode, and a secondary thermistor. The Dyson Airwrap is incredibly easy to assemble, thanks to its snap-fit parts. The housing also has minimal parts, and the negative ion generator is located in the back of the unit. Its circuitry also features a rigid-flex switch which is a series of toggle switches wrapping around a cylindrical design.

Aside from the negative ions, the Dyson Airwrap features a rotating barrel with an aerodynamic design that pulls hair toward it. This technology is called the Coanda effect. This technology also reduces the amount of static in your hair, which can cause it to feel tangly or staticky.

Six attachments

Dyson has released a whole new line of airwrap heads for its airdryer. The airwrap special edition uses 13-blade impellers to create volume and shape in your hair. You can also use it to smooth and wave your tresses. The machine is also compatible with interchangeable attachment heads.

The new Airwrap heads are designed to style hair better, and come with a variety of tools. The curling barrels rotate both clockwise and counter-clockwise, while the Coanda smoothing dryer attachment gives you a smooth, straight blowout. You can use these attachments with earlier models of the Dyson Airwrap, too.

The Dyson Airwrap is a six-piece kit with interchangeable attachments that promises salon-quality results. The airflow is temperature-controlled, so that the hairstyler never exceeds 150 degrees. The airwrap is priced at PS399, and comes with six detachable heads.


If you’re wondering about the durability of the airwrap heads of Dyson hairdryers, you’ve come to the right place. While many of these air-stylers use the same type of head, a few features are unique to these machines. Here’s a look at these features.

First, it should be noted that the Dyson Airwrap isn’t cheap. It costs around $75 for a blowout, which includes a hair tip. However, if you regularly go for a blowout, you’ll pay back the cost of the Airwrap in just eight uses. The company offers a limited warranty and extra protection to protect its products from damage.

Second, there are plenty of ways to make your hairstyle last longer. The Dyson Airwrap is a revolutionary air styling tool. It does away with the need for heat styling, so you can style your hair without damaging it. And because it uses high pressure and air, it helps your hair retain its natural shine.

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