dyson airwrap multi styler 2022

The New Dyson Airwrap Multi Styler 2022

dyson airwrap multi styler 2022

The Dyson Airwrap 2.0 has been re-engineered with new smoothing, curling, and blow-drying attachments. It also comes with two wide-tooth combs that glide smoothly through your hair. This styler also has a Coanda effect, which creates a natural coiffure.

Dyson Airwrap 2.0 comes with re-engineered blow-drying, smoothing and curling attachments

The Dyson Airwrap 2.0 comes with more attachments than the previous version and is suitable for all types of hair. It also has Coanda technology for hair smoothing. This feature makes your hair shinier and drier while reducing flyaways. It sells for $599, which may seem expensive for some people, but it is worth the price because it saves you from having to pay pro blowouts. If you’re lazy and can’t be bothered to watch YouTube tutorials, the Dyson Airwrap may be the best choice for you.

This hair dryer features a powerful Coanda airflow that helps create a natural-looking blow-out. It also uses controlled heat to avoid damaging your hair. This allows the Dyson Airwrap to create salon-worthy blowouts in the comfort of your home.

The Dyson Airwrap 2.0 comes with a re-engineered motor for a faster and more versatile multi styler. With the new motor, it can handle multiple styles and is more convenient to use than ever. It comes with a two-year warranty.

The barrels come in five different sizes. The barrels are adjustable, allowing you to adjust the direction of airflow as you wish. The two-piece barrels can be used for curling, smoothing, and waving your hair. You can also use the wide-tooth comb attachment for volumizing curly hair.

The re-engineered Airwrap is available in two colorways. It is compatible with both counterclockwise and clockwise rotation. It can also double as a powerful hair dryer.

Wide-tooth comb glides through hair

Dyson’s Airwrap multi styler 2022 comes with a wide-tooth comb attachment that’s ideal for detangling, styling, and shaping curly hair. The attachment’s rounded teeth prevent scratching the scalp, while a flexible torsion bar holds the teeth together without pulling.

The Supersonic wide-tooth comb has 13 prongs and a flexible bar in the center that allows the teeth to conform to the shape of the scalp. It also minimizes the risk of damaging hair. This wide-tooth comb also glides through hair without catching on hair strands.

The Airwrap styler was redesigned by Dyson. It comes with a handy pre-styling dryer to make styling easier. You can style and curl your hair with the barrels that are 1.6 inches long. The barrels can rotate either clockwise or counterclockwise to create wavy, curly, or straightened locks.

The Dyson Airwrap multi styler 2022 comes with several attachments to give you different looks. There is a wide-tooth comb and a rounded brush for wavy or curly hair. Each attachment is designed to style different types of hair while being gentle on the scalp. The Heat Shield technology prevents the attachments from overheating the hair. Its innovative design has made it possible for Dyson to design and manufacture multiple attachments that can be customized with different looks.

Two curlers

The Dyson Airwrap multi-styler 2022 features two curlers and two straighteners, as well as a handy pre-styling dryer. The styling attachments are long, 1.2 and 1.6-inch barrels that can be rotated clockwise or counterclockwise to create curls and waves. The attachments can also smooth out flyaways.

The Dyson AirwrapTM multi styler features a high-pressure motor and patented Coanda effect, which causes air to follow the surface it’s on. This precision airflow makes styling your hair even easier and faster, and reduces the use of extreme heat.

The new Airwrap is more powerful than its predecessor, and the Coanda technology helps you create a better style. It also uses cool air to set and style your hair. This styler is available in a wide variety of colors. It also has an updated design and new attachments.

The Dyson Airwrap 2022 features next-generation styling barrels and a rotating cool feature. This product promises to keep hair from being damaged by extreme heat and to help maintain its strength. The Dyson Airwrap Multi Styler 2022 will be available for purchase starting August 3, 2022. You can purchase it at the Dyson website or through major retailers.

The Dyson Airwrap has two separate attachments for creating different hair styles. First, slide on the styling attachment. Then, choose your heat and airflow settings, and hold a section of hair near the attachment. The Airwrap will wrap the hair around the barrel within fifteen seconds. Once you’re done, press the cool-shot button to let your curls stay in place for longer.

Another new feature is the ability to switch between curling directions. The original Airwrap was only able to curl in one direction. The new version of the Airwrap is now equipped with barrels that can curl in both directions.

Coanda effect

The Coanda effect is a major improvement on the previous Airwrap, making it more effective in styling your hair. This effect is created by a spinning vortex of air, pulling your hair towards the surface. This allows the device to work faster and use less heat without damaging your hair.

The Coanda effect is still present in the new Dyson Airwrap Multi Styler. However, this time, the airflow is focused, allowing for faster drying and reducing flyaways. You can also choose from the smoothing mode, which makes your hair smooth and free of frizz. The Airwrap comes with two sets of tools, one of which has a wide-tooth comb attachment, yet to be launched in Singapore.

The new Airwrap styler incorporates the Coanda effect to create a smooth finish on wet hair. This feature is achieved by propelling high-speed air through the barrel to create a spinning vortex around the attachments. As a result, styling your hair will become easier. You can choose between anti-clockwise and clockwise curls with this device.

The new Dyson Airwrap Multi Styler is available for purchase at Dyson and select retailers. It is a great tool for dry hair and can even be used on curly or wavy hair. It promises salon-level results. Dyson engineers took the suggestions from the original Airwrap and improved on the original model. The new Airwrap uses a new version of its Coanda effect and six reengineered attachments.


The Dyson Airwrap multi styler was launched in 2018 and was heralded as a revolutionary hair styling tool. However, it was not without its faults. Among them, the attachments were problematic. To combat this, Dyson updated its model in 2022 and now comes in three styles for different hair types.

The Airwrap is a multi-function device that is designed to straighten, curl, and sculpt hair simultaneously. Its unique design enables it to use air instead of high heat to produce a salon-worthy blowout. The Dyson Airwrap has been highly rated by beauty influencers and the price was announced at $599.

The Airwrap multi-styler is available for purchase online and through select retailers starting August 3, 2022. You can even upgrade your existing model for Rs 14,900. Dyson’s India e-store and offline stores are now carrying the new model and can be ordered right now.

The updated model has an improved attachments package. The attachments are available as a separate purchase or as part of a bundle. The main difference between the original Airwrap and the Multi-Styler is the attachments. The multi-styler is also designed to be more flexible and easier to use, allowing it to give you a variety of styles without the risk of damaging your hair.

The latest model also includes a handy pre-styling dryer. In addition to the pre-styling dryer, the Airwrap is equipped with long barrels 1.2 inches in length that can be used for curling or styling. The barrels can be rotated in both clockwise and counter-clockwise directions.

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