Waterproof AirTag Cases

waterproof airtag case

When it comes to keeping your AirTag safe in all conditions, a waterproof AirTag case is a must. It protects your device against dust, water, and drops. The IP68 waterproof protective case ensures your child’s safety and provides a reliable tracking system in tough conditions. It also comes with a carabiner, rear adhesive, eyelet tether point, and strap slot for mounting. With these features, this waterproof AirTag case is perfect for kids on the go. It is also backed by an Encased Lifetime Guarantee, so you can rest easy knowing your device is safe and protected against damage.


When it comes to protecting your AirTag, you need a protective case that will keep it dry and protected. The Incogneato Waterproof AirTag Case is an IP68-rated case that is both drop-proof and dust-proof. This case also features strap slots and carabiner mounting. The durable design is ideal for kids on the move. Plus, this case is backed by a lifetime guarantee!

The Incogneato waterproof AirTag case is available in several different styles. These cases are priced between $20 and $35, but some models are pricier. The cost depends on style, functionality, and ruggedness. Some cases may have a built-in camera, while others may only allow the AirTag to be inserted through the case’s slot.


The waterproof AirTag case from ElevationLab protects your AirTag from water, scratches, and scuffs. Its slim design will not visually broadcast that your AirTag is in it. It’s also incredibly compact, so you won’t have to worry about adding bulk to your AirTag. The case is currently available for purchase on the ElevationLab website, and is expected to ship in June.

The case includes a strap mount that secures the AirTag in place, while also offering extra protection. The strap mount is waterproof, and has self-piercing screws that keep the AirTag securely attached to your wrist. The strap mount allows for any width strap, and it secures your AirTag without letting it dangle. The strap mount costs about $20 on Amazon and is available in two and four-packs.

A sturdy and lightweight carbon fiber AirTag case is a good investment for protection. Its matte black design will withstand daily abuse. The case also comes with a bottle opener. Moreover, this case is eco-friendly, making it a good choice for your AirTag. A case that protects your AirTag will protect it from dust, mud, and water.

The AirTag case is an excellent option for those who want to track their dog. Its low profile and snap-in design will help you find your dog without any hassle. Moreover, the case also fits perfectly in larger wallets. Besides, it can also be connected to backpack straps.

ElevationLab has created a waterproof case for the Apple AirTag. This case offers 360-degree protection, and it also features a stainless steel construction. It will start shipping in June. If you are looking for a waterproof case for your AirTag, don’t wait any longer! It will ship in the first week of June.


The Nomad waterproof AirTag case is a great accessory to protect your AirTag in any weather. This rugged case is designed to hold an AirTag and is made from solid polycarbonate with a TPU-overmolded polycarbonate shell. This waterproof case is ideal for use on the go, and makes the device easy to find when you need it.

The Nomad Rugged AirTag Keychain is another accessory designed to protect your AirTag. It features a leather loop for easy storage and attaches to your keychain using a 3M adhesive. This keychain is also waterproof and has an engraved stainless steel insert that you can customize. The Rugged Keychain is available in black or white, and you can even get engraving for an additional $20.

AirTag cases are generally priced around twenty to thirty dollars, but you can find some for much more. The price of these cases depends on the features you want and the level of ruggedness. There are cases that charge extra for style, and each case has a different approach to inserting the AirTag. Some require a complicated locking process – removing four tiny screws, then re-inserting them – while others let you simply insert your AirTag without any hassle.

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